Police series
Produced on S16mm film
Duration: 45 mins per episode
Studio Hamburg Produktion commissioned by RTL

Coroner Hanna Wildbauer, alias Lisa Fitz, does not repond well to conventional, conservative situations or methods. It’s when chaos reigns that she’s in her element. Disasters, breakdowns or stress are all no problem for Hanna, she’s only frustrated by things which go smoothly. For example, by corpses where the reason for death is indisputably obvious, by men who are overly polite. In short, Hanna has nerves of steel and loves challenging problems. She is the bavarian imported mastermind of the Forensic Institute in Hamburg, who, in each situation, regardless of how crazy, and even in the most surreal cases, keeps a cool head.


2008 Season 2

Schlaf Kindlein, schlaf (Sleep Little One, Sleep)

gm_banner_schlafkindleinschlafDirector: Gero Weinreuter, First broadcast on: 04.12.2008 RTL

Über den Wolken (Above the Clouds)

gm_banner_überdenwolkenDirector: Gero Weinreuter, First broadcast on: 06.11.2008 RTL