Top ratings for A Summer in Marrakesh, with 7.04 million viewers, a market share of 19.3% and an above-average percentage of young viewers, ZDF’s Sunday film was a sensational success.

Tina (Jutta Speidel) flies to Marrakesh as her daughter Anna wants to marry her long-term boyfriend Markus in this romantic city. Even Rudi (Peter Sattmann) Tina’s ex-husband, doesn’t want to miss his daughter’s wedding. Tina is in raptures over the scenery her daughter her chosen for the “happiest day of her life” and is flabbergasted when she discovers that Anna is no longer with Markus and intends to marry Karim. Everything Tina had just been captivated by now seems like a threat. She fears that she will loose her daughter to a foreign culture. However, neither Anna nor rudi want to hear the concerns of a worried mother. As Karim and above all his charming uncle Rafiq show Tina the beauties their country and share the secrets of its history with her, she gradually looses her fear of the unknown and just as if it were a story from “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights” she finds love again.

Source: ZDF press release