Kai and Melanie pick up a young girl whose handbag has been snatched. Only after assurances that Melanie won’t speak to her father will the girl give her name: Sofia Oliveira. At the same time a woman with a cut and bruised face and broken arm is admitted to Elbe Hospital – she has allegedly fallen down the stairs. However, Jasmin is certain that she has been assaulted. Boje and Franzi find out that the woman is Sofia’s mother, Maria Oliveira. The family own a small restaurant in the Portuguese Quarter.  When the team also witness a fight between father Oliveira and Sofia, the suspicion seems clear that he is the one beating his wife and daughter. However, further inconsistancies then arise. Is a ring from blackmailers wanting protection money behind it all? It only when Sofia falls into danger that the Oliveira family is prepared to co-operate.  Melanie reaches her decision: she’ll stay with the police station she´s at – even here it’s possible to do great things.