To find a happy medium, a balance in the movement between time and space, an equilibrium, a togetherness, a harmony in one’s self, in society and in the cosmic order – so Confucius offered these words to the people of China as advice to accompany them through life. At one with nature and its sources of life, and with respect for it, and with improvement in spirit and education. So it is also in the scripts of the Hakka People. In the south-east of China in the mountains of the province of Fujian, they have established a culture in the spirit on Confucius. Their architecture seeks complete harmony with its surroundings, the clay round houses of the Hakka, called Tulou.

There is no comparable architecture on earth. Both as monumental single structures and as components of an entire ensemble the great defensive round houses lend confidence and majesty to the landscape of south China. The round clay-built complexes act as the heart of the Hakka culture.