“Whenever I smell salt water, I know that I am not far from one of the works of my ancestors…” (Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island)

This film illustrates the story of the pioneering Lighthouse Stevensons, that great clan of engineers and inventors who built 97 manned lighthouses along the coast of Scotland 1790 – 1940. The tale of these men, obsessed with the optimism of the Enlightenment, takes us to the most exposed parts of the Scottish coast, to where the most impressive of their structures stand. We meet people who lived and worked in these lighthouses and trace the stories of pirates and pillagers, of storms and shipwrecks, of poor souls’ salvation or their drowning.

A 52 minute programme for the French-German TV culture channel ARTE was made as well as two 45 minute programmes for the series for Germany’s SWR channel.