For the 12th triannual small scale sculpture exhibition “Upotia Starts Small” a short 29 second film was commissioned by the Cultural Department of the city of Fellbach. The film was shot by students of the FKBW Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg (Open Academy of Arts) and shown in local cinemas to advertise the exhibition. Cinemas in Fellbach, Stuttgart, Schorndorf and Ludwigsburg showed the film for two weeks from 13th June and screenings were also planned for the summer open air cinemas. The video as well as five other short trailers from the same series can be seen on YouTube Channel of the Triennale.

In the short film the small city of Fellbach appears as if the viewer were looking at the miniature world of a model railway. The film explores the theme of a miniature world as a Utopia and a metaphor for a longed for, prefect world, an oasis of happiness. Our normal perception of large and small is questioned and becomes re-orientated by the camera. The perspective of the camera was distorted by the following effects: Shift/Tilt, Time Lapse, increased Shutter Speed, and Colour Correction to Postcard Look.

We all live in a world that is increasingly shrinking to a small village. What years ago was far away seems today to be very near. Time seems to go faster and the boundaries once clearly defined categories such as large and small are breaking down. The viewer will ask himself if this is a recreated model world filmed using stop motion or if these are pictures of the real world which have been altered by VFX (visual effects). Is it only an optical illusion or is it really a small model utopia world which has been recreated with great care and attention to detail?

Camera: Yeliz Usta, Martin Miroschnischenko, Julia Hagedorn, Vasiliki Koutsoumaraki, Jens Schlehe
Editing & VFX: Jens Schlehe
Location Scout: Jens Schlehe
Music: Michael Fakesch
Lecturers: Thomas Ch. Weber, Fabian Kühfuß
Project Leader: Prof. Ulrich Wegenast

Photos of Work

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