1969 Sony AVC-3260 video camera

Posted on 27. November 2013 in General

Computer Chess is a 1980s-set film comedy about techno-buffs working on a program that can beat a human at chess. For that authentically flattened videotape texture, Austrian cinematographer Matthias Grunsky shot the film in monochrome on tube-cameras from the era. Now he is among the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards nominees for Best Cinematography. Here he explains the secrets about his very special camera, the 1969 Sony AVC-3260 video camera in a short online tutorial.


more details can be found on Matthias Grunsky´s website

I think it´s maybe about time to check if the old Sony BVP-150 3-tube color broadcast camera that I bought in the 1980´s is still working…

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