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HELDT, camera crew with director Gero Weinreuter


I have over 30 years experience in the film industry and have deliberately sought to work in different genres. I am as enthusiastic and comfortable filming popular television feature films or series as I am recording UNESCO’s cultural heritage or prominent people in documentary films or promoting companies such as Mercedes Benz, or other smaller companies, in image films for international trade fairs or global advertising.


Variety is a wonderful catalyst for new ideas, fresh insights and accumulating experience. As well as covering different genres in film I welcome the opportunity to work with young and new directors and all professionals as well as my trusted teams. I act as a lecturer to the Stuttgart Art & Media Academy (FKBW Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg) to encourage young talent and am also involved in supporting development of the film industry in Zimbabwe. I also have extensive experience of filming children’s TV and working with a very young cast as well as well-known figures in the industry.

Up-to-date technical knowledge

New is interesting, new is opportunity, new can bring previously impossible possibilities to film. If I am not actively filming I devote my time to keeping up with new developments and technology. In practical terms this can mean a difficult, over-budget scene in the script is actually feasible. See, for example, a recent test I did to resolve an issue we had whilst filming one of Germany’s most popular serial programmes. Contact me if you would like advice on the camera and associated equipment most suited to your project.

And why do I film?

Because I love it. It’s what I do and what I’ve always done since my late teens. My early interest in shape and form, architecture and art was inspired by my father who was a civic architect. I started at school as a member of the film club, rejected the university place I had to study architecture on leaving school and began as an intern with a local production company in Stuttgart. A year later I spent 6 months working in a film laboratory in Hamburg learning as much as I could about film development and post-production. Back with the Stuttgart company I began to understand and work intensively with film cameras and started accompanying different cameramen on shoots. Subsequently, I proved to be a less than brilliant camera assistant as I was always far too interested in what the director and cameraman were discussing and considering. It was my great fortune to be tried as a cameraman at a very early stage and I turned out to be infinitely better at it. The job became the perfect combination for me of artistry, technology, teamwork and communication and I have never looked back since.

In my pictures it’s the essence I am after, the feeling, the mood the director is trying to create that is the challenge for me. Using the technology to achieve the light and colour to compliment the speech and movement the director envisages is my job and I welcome input from my director and other crew members.

In the words of the renowned German film director, Wim Wenders:
“The act of filming is a heroic act (not always, not often, but sometimes).  By looking back the hero can be made even more beautiful, even more real and true, and for a moment the gradual destruction of outward appearances and the world is halted.
The camera is a weapon against the tragedy of things, against their disappearing.”
“The Logic of Images” 1988


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